Saturday, May 19, 2012

When I posted this site, I fully intended to update it at least once a week... it has been 8 days so that is almost prompt for me.  I have been as busy as a bee this last week.  Well, as busy as one can be that goes for bed to chair to bathroom to chair to bed repeatedly during the day.  Actually I only go to bed once so that doesn't fit there. Anyway, since I have this new addiction to scrapbooking I am watching Ustream and Youtube a lot.  There are so many talented people and I am learning so much.  I am taking classes from everyone that I can find and have joined 3 swaps.  The swaps are a little stressful since I am in the total beginner stage and am not so confident in my ability.  I sent in five pages in one swap and will be getting five back from five different scrapbookers to assemble an album. So I am anxious to see it and add my "first" page. You make 6 and send in 5. And then I joined one that is a mini mini album which means smaller than 4"x4". So, naturally I had some little ladybug shaped wooden frames that I was going to use. I painted them red and they are so cute. Then....... I measured, 4" x 4 3/4".  Oh well, I have some cute little red ladybug wooden pieces that maybe I can use for something else.

Anyway back to being busy, I am involved in "Drawing Something" with 15 people on my phone, I have about 11 games of "Words with Friends" going on,  then there is email, Facebook, Pinterest, and trying to swim every other day.  So even though when I read it, it sounds like not much. But then I come back to reality and think that I have done NOTHING for 4 years. LOL chair, bed, bathroom, chair,etc.  I am very grateful that I feel like doing this and am enjoying it.  It does involve ordering a few (word used very loosely) supplies, like paper, glue, embellishments, etc.   FedEX, UPS and USPS have been busy. As a matter of fact, the other day, the FedEX van was in the driveway at the gate, the brown UPS truck directly behind it and the postman ( drives a white pickup)  had them blocked in. It was a KODAK moment, but I didn't have my camera.  The down side to all of this is that it enables that "hoarding" tendency in me.  Well, what if they run out of the Prima or Graphic 45 papers?

Enough of all that.  We went to the Ranger vs Kansas City baseball game last Monday night. It is fun, but the seats are not recliners and you cannot rewind the play to see if  Elvis Andruss was safe or not!
Yep, I have reached the old age "stay at home because it is more comfortable" syndrome.  But I will go again and enjoy it for a few minutes and then miss my chair, Martha Stewart, Paula Deen, Dora Lee and Baba.  The Rat Terrier and Chihuahua Brigade.  

Thanks for dropping by. Come to see us.  I love you ALL!

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